You are all set for the most exciting scuba diving experience of the year. Are you ready to take a deep dive to find the best places in the world?

I have curated some of the most exciting diving spots for you. The top 7 spots I picked are placed across different continents, promising a vivid experience.

So, let the thrill begin without much ado.


Best Scuba Diving Places In The World

Are you still searching for the “best scuba diving lessons near me?” Are you already a certified scuba diver? If you belong to the second group, you now have many spots for an exotic diving experience. Don’t forget that around 70% of the world is water.

Nevertheless, these are the places I think are the best to explore in 2023. You can also have a great family time at this place. 

1. Scuba Diving Cancun

Discover Aquaworld’s Scuba Diving Experience In Cancun
Discover Aquaworld’s Scuba Diving Experience In Cancun

Pocket Pinch: $45-470

The marine life of Cancun will fascinate you with exotic coral reefs. Also, you will find abundant shipwrecks and underwater sculptures to make your scuba diving experience memorable. 

Further, the water here is crystal clear, offering you the best visibility while diving.

In addition, the diving sites at Cancun are protected by the Cancun National Marine Park or Isla Mujeres National Park.

Also, Cancun is a place where you can go diving all through the year. However, the best time to visit is between November and April.

So, what are the exciting creatures to see in Cancun? You can see whale sharks, reef sharks, nurse sharks, sea turtles, eagle rays, sting rays, and manta rays. There will also be starfishes, boxfishes, and barracudas surrounding you.

Moreover, Cancun has some of the most exciting diving spots. These spots are:

  • MUSA Underwater Museum
  • Manchones Reef
  • C-58/C-55 Wreck Dive
  • Bull shark diving
  • Cenote diving
  • Punta Negra Reef 

Expert Tip

Take the discovery dive in Cancun if you are a beginner. It does not need certification. 

2. Scuba Diving Florida

Floridian Scuba Diving Wonders.
Floridian Scuba Diving Wonders.

Pocket Pinch: $70-200

When you have around 1350 miles of coastline, what else do you want to have the best diving experience? 

Nevertheless, the state of Florida has close to twenty diving places. Further, it will make you visit a variety of marine animals, reefs, bridges, wrecks, and oil rigs. 

January to May is the ideal time to visit Florida for scuba diving. However, you can consider March to May the golden period as the sea is the calmest during those months.

So, are you willing to know about the best diving spots in Florida? Here they are:

  • Blue Heron Bridge
  • DoD Towers
  • Alligator Reef
  • Hog Heaven
  • 1000 Mermaids
  • USS Oriskany
  • Devil’s Den
  • The Miami Wreck Trek

Expert Tip

Visit the southern coast of Florida and find as many as 70 wrecks to dive into. The wreck sites are close. So, you will get to see many sites in one dive. 

3. Scuba Diving Hawaii

Cruising through the deep waters of the Big Island.
Cruising through the deep waters of the Big Island.

Pocket Pinch: $89-190

Are you ready for the most thrilling scuba diving experience? Then, visit Hawaii this year. It has everything from the volcanoes to the rarest leaf scorpionfish. 

What else will you get to see during your dive in Hawaii? I find the eel fishes and frogfishes quite adorable.

And how can I forget the big animals? You will get to see spinner dolphins, giant manta rays, and, of course, the whitetip reef sharks. 

So, here are the best diving spots for you in Hawaii.

  • Maui scuba diving for exciting day trips and the best on-shore experience
  • Oahu for the dedicated wreck divers
  • Visit Kauai to see the green sea turtles
  • Big Island for biodiversity 

Overall, the best time to visit Hawaii for scuba diving is between January and March.

Expert Tip: 

If you want the best underwater experience in Hawaii, don’t give Maui a miss. 

4. Scuba Diving San Diego

Scuba Diving San Diego
Scuba Diving San Diego

Pocket Pinch: $100-495 (Based on the package)

Scuba diving in San Diego is like a dream, thanks to the beauty to behold. I have also picked the diving spot as it has pleasant weather throughout the year. 

You start to discover the city’s coastal beauty and marine life, and you learn about the richness of the underwater ecosystem of San Diego.

Unless you pay a visit, you will never understand how years of erosion and many natural processes have added character to the marine life of San Diego.

Are you already planning a trip to San Diego? Make sure to visit any time between August to October. During this time, you will experience great weather conditions, pleasant water temperature on the surface, deep water, and a calm sea. 

What are the best diving sites in San Diego? 

  • La Jolla Shores Canyon
  • La Jolla Cove And Giant Kelp Forest
  • Wreck Alley
  • Point Loma
  • Marine Room Reef Dives
  • Islas Coronados

Expert Tip: 

Do not go for Scuba diving in winter in San Diego. You will experience a high underwater current at that time. 

5. Aruba Scuba Diving

Aruba Scuba Diving
Aruba Scuba Diving

Pocket Pinch: $79-600 (Based on your package and own/rental equipment)

Aruba is a wonderland for scuba diving. Did you know that Aruba has as many as 30 sites for diving? 

This island on the southern Caribbean Sea is safe for diving. It faces wind trading from the northeast. So, the west coast is widely used for diving.

Are you planning to visit Aruba for the best diving experience? Plan your trip between April to August.

What are the highlights of the Aruba visit and scuba diving? 

  • Shipwrecks
  • Natural reefs
  • Vibrant marine life
  • Artificial substrate

Some of the best dive sites in Aruba include Pedernales Wreck, Antilla Wreck, and Jane C Wreck. 

Expert Tip On Scuba Diving At Aruba

If you are a beginner, choose the southern dive sites of the island. Here, the sites are much more protected, and you will get better visibility. However, the northern dive sites of the island will have more current in the water. 

6. Barracuda Point At Sipadan Island In Malaysia

Sipadan Island Scuba adventures.
Sipadan Island Scuba adventures.

Pocket Pinch: Around $200

The Barracuda Point in Malaysia promises a fulfilling experience with the diversity of marine life. Things you will get to see here are:

  • Barracuda
  • Parrot fishes
  • White tip sharks
  • Sea turtles

Expert Tip

There can be strong underwater currents occasionally. So, if you are a beginner, talk to the local experts and know the safety rules first. 

7. The Yongala, Australia

The Famous Yongala Shipwreck
The Famous Yongala Shipwreck

Pocket Pinch: $35-390

If you love shipwrecks, nothing can be more exciting than the Yongala shipwreck off the Queensland coast.

The ship sank in 1911 in combat with a cyclone. Today, scuba diving in Yongala will make you visit tiger sharks, bull sharks, sea snakes, and colorful fishes. Also, you will witness coral reefs.

The best time to visit this scuba diving site is between July and August.

Expert Tip

Keep your eyes open to see the humpback whales as you take a boat trip. 

Final Words 

I have picked the best scuba diving spots based on my personal experiences. Also, I have done a sample survey with professional divers. So, these seven spots are chosen after a cumulative assessment of their votes and my input.

However, if you are a scuba diver, keep in mind your experience and expertise before choosing a spot. In addition, always go for a spot that offers biodiversity.

Have you done scuba diving lately or enjoy being a sea fairy? Don’t forget to share your experience. 

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