I know you have spent most of your time playing Cookie Run: Kingdom. But if your girl is also at your party, you might have the best Valentine’s day gift for her.

You can make cookies with toppings from Cookie Run: Kingdom. Sea Fairy Cookies with different toppings make up for the V-day present to your girl.

Chocolates are indeed the aphrodisiac food you can gift your boyfriend or girlfriend this Valentine’s. But if you want to go with cookies, you’ve got me cheering you on.

Just like in the game, the Sea Fairy Cookie toppings will enhance the taste of whatever cookies you make for your lover girl. Suppose you get toppings in the game and the power of your cookie increases. But, when you add these toppings to your cookie, your cookie starts to taste better.


This is blasphemy to talk about games and make cookies out of them. However, all of us have our fair share of creativity and freedom. So, let’s make a cookie for gamers.

Bouncy Caramel Topping (+ Attack Speed)

the box full of cookies

Your sea fairy cookie does not have to look like a sea fairy cookie. You can make it look like a normal cookie and call it a sea fairy cookie. Leave a Sea Fairy Cookie Card or sticker on the box full of cookies.

Now for the topping, I choose Bouncy Caramel toppings (OMG, I sound like Pokemon players!). Caramels are my favorite, and it is more than something sweet. The Caramel cookies increase attack speed in the game, giving you more hits per second. But, in reality, it attacks your taste buds and makes you amazed with every crunchy bite. Wait, are you planning to amaze her?

Solid Almond Topping (+ DMG Resistance)

most varieties of cookies

When adding toppings to your carefully baked Sea fairy cookie, you can use frosting or egg wash. Solid almond toppings are standard in most varieties of cookies. Almonds are healthy and make you tougher, just like in the game. The Solid Almond Toppings increase your damage resistance.

Try this cookie if your girl is shy and struggles to confess her love. Sea Fairy cookie with solid almond cookies will increase her resistance against fear, increase her HP, and make her confess. You must pay attention to this topping to win her love.

Searing Raspberry Topping (+ Attack)

valentines cookie

What’s better than Raspberries to make your crush vulnerable to your love?

Inner me: what am I saying? It’s a game.

Inner me 2: no, it’s not; it’s a Cookie with Searing Raspberry toppings.

Searing Raspberry Topping is a very powerful topping for your cookie, and it boosts your attacks. If you want to use it for your cookie, remember the time. The taste of the Raspberry toppings goes well with the ancient cookies ( Sea Fairy Cookie).

Hearty Hazelnut Topping (+ Crit Resistance)

cookie you made for her with hearty hazelnut toppings

Sometimes, to win her love, you have to sacrifice moments. She might say no now or leave you hanging. But losing is not an option if she’s the one true love. Make sure that she likes the Sea Fairy cookie you made for her with hearty hazelnut toppings.

You need the hearty hazelnut cookie to ensure your effort ( cookie ) is sufficient to win her love ( the battle). It increases your chances of not getting rejected ( getting crit in Cookie Run: King) and gives you a chance to win her love ( the battle).

Swift Chocolate Topping (+ Cooldown)

How about some Swift Chocolate Topping on your Sea Fairy Cookie? Judging from how useful the swift chocolate topping has been to me, I will go with my bias and declare it the best topping ever.

Swift chocolate toppings reduce your cookie’s cooldown time in the game; it also helps the healers in your party. So, if by any chance you have made her mad, cooldown her with the Swift chocolate topping on the valentines day cookie you made with love.

Hard Walnut Topping (+ DEF)

Hard Walnut Topping

It has been two years since you have been together. The bond has strengthened. But life is complex, and we lose strength and devotion. But a sea fairy cookie with walnut toppings can help you enhance the bond that you are missing.

In the game, the Walnut toppings increase your cookies’ ability to handle damage. I hope this cookie strengthens your love in real life too.

Sweet Candy Topping (Buff Boosts)

Sweet Candy Topping

The sweet candy toppings can amplify the buffs given to your cookies in the Cookie Run: Kingdom game. So, if you plan to reunite with your love and strengthen the colorful emotions, then the sweet candy toppings are the ones for your Sea Fairy Cookie.

But you need to use this topping carefully. Cookies that can impose buffs on the party members; choose the ones who might benefit from the fans. Why? Because all skills are targeted for all cookies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You had a fun time reading this article. However, here are some questions that I have answered, feeling you might need them.

Q1. Why Was Sea Fairy Cookie Frozen?

Ans: Sea Fairy Cookie was under a curse and was frozen for a long time. Sea Fairy Cookie’s soul was frozen beyond magic due to her heart being frozen. However, the warm kindness of other cookies made her wake up from their frozen state.

Q2. Is Herb Cookie Sea Fairy Cookie’s Son?

Ans: Yes, Herb Cookie is the son of Sea Fairy Cookie.

Q3. Who Is Sea Fairy Cookie Related To?

Ans: Sea Fairy Cookie references Hans Christian Andersen’s Sea Fairy Cookie. So, yes, ti is related to The Little Mermaid.

Final Thoughts

Using toppings on your Cookie Run Sea Fairy Cookies will boost them to a new level. If you are playing with the sea fairy cookie, you need a good topping to improve your cookie’s efficiency during the game. The same goes for love.

Let me know if you have been able to make that cookie yet. But if you have other queries, you can ask questions in the comment. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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