Self watering planters are the best if you want to maintain the consistency of moisture in a plant’s soil. Today, you will find these planters with various mechanisms. However, in general, these planters come with a planter body, a water tray/saucer, and a reservoir.

You have to fill the reservoir of these planters with water. When the soil of the plant becomes dry, water reaches the root of the plant through capillary action. 

Some of these planters also come with a level indicator. This indicator allows you to know when the reservoir is empty, and you need to fill that.


Benefits Of Using Self Watering Planters

If you have plants in your garden and house, you will know how difficult it is for us to travel for a day or longer. We are always worried about our plants getting dehydrated or wicked when we cannot water them regularly.

However, these self-watering planters can be very helpful to make your plant-care regime easier. Here are two major reasons why these planters are handy.

Ensuring Better Health Of The Plants

When you use self watering planters, you make sure that the moisture of the soil is maintained properly. Thanks to the reservoir and capillary system present in the planters, they make sure that the plants are neither dehydrated nor there is any waterlogging, making the roots rot.

Further, because of the closed system in these planters, the soil does not lose essential micronutrients. So, the soil does not need frequent manuring.

Convenience Of Using

As I just said, it is normal to miss watering the plants due to traveling and other engagements. With self watering plants, you know that your plants are never dry.

Further, if you have just started gardening, maintaining the watering amount can be a little tricky for you. With self-watering planters, you can avoid the risk of overwatering or underwatering the plants.

In addition, due to a lack of space, it may be difficult to grow veggies and herbs in urban homes. These planters make watering and growing these plants easier.

Best Self Watering Planters For Your Home Garden

It does not matter whether you want to grow flowers, veggies, or herbs at your home. Self-watering planters always make growing plants easier for you. The water reservoir and unique mechanism of these planters make sure that the plants are never dehydrated.

Self-watering planters come in different materials, and they come up with various self-watering mechanisms. Here, I have curated the planters that you will find easily and have the best features.

Large Self Watering Planters

Do you have a spacious balcony or patio? You can get self watering planters for your house. Pick a large self-watering planter that comes with a drip tray.

Further, check out the ones that come with level indicators. The level indicator will make it easier for you to know when you need to fill the water reservoir or tray.

Indoor Self Watering Planters

If you want to use self watering planters for indoor plants, you can use one made of ceramic. 

The ceramic structure of the planters makes sure that the water of the soil does not remain wet for longer.

So, if you use these planters for planting outdoor plants or keep them directly under the Sun, the soil can dry up faster. 

Self Watering Raised Planters

Are you looking for self watering planters to grow tomatoes or chilies on your patio? You can pick a raised planter. These raised planters help you to save space, and some of them also come with wheels for easy movement of the planters.

The reservoir in these planters ensures that there is no dearth of water supply to the plants. Further, the elevated bed of the planter ensures adequate air and oxygen flow.

In addition, these planters are beneficial for people with knee or back pain or aged people. The elevated height makes it easier for them to use these planters.

Hanging Self Watering Planters

Do you want to grow flowers in hanging baskets? It’s best to use self watering planters. 

You may find it difficult to grow plants in traditional planters. There can be problems in keeping the soil moist or preventing water-logging around the root. 

Usually, these planters are made of virgin plastic or any other lightweight material for the convenience of hanging.

In addition, these planters come with a reservoir for water. So, even if you are traveling or away on the hottest days, the plants will not remain dehydrated.

Self Watering Planters With Cord Mechanism

The metal-spinning technique is a great method that works for self-watering plants. In this technique, you will find the use of a cord mechanism for watering the plants.

A cylindrical self-watering planter with a cord mechanism will come with a drainage hole and a saucer to collect excessive water.

Double-Walled UV Resistant Self Watering Planters

If you are looking for self watering plants with advanced features, you can get a self-watering plant with a double-walled structure and UV resistance.

Being double-walled, these planters will protect the seedlings or saplings from harsh weather conditions. The UV-resistant feature of the planters will further ensure protection from the harmful rays of the Sun. 

Some of these UV-resistant self watering plants also come with an additional drainage system. This drainage system makes sure that overwatering or waterlogging does not damage the roots of the plants.

Self Watering Planters For Herbs

Have you just started gardening? You can begin your journey by growing herbs, and for that, you will need a self-watering planter. You can easily place these planters on your window sill.

In this type of planter, you will have to just place the seeds and add water in the right space. The remaining process of watering will be automated.

However, once the seedlings have grown with two or three true leaves, you will need to transfer the plant babies to larger planters. That’s it! You are ready to have your favorite herbs at your home.

Final Words 

How do you like the varieties of self watering plant I have discussed in this article? Each variety has unique features to suit different gardening requirements. So, whether you are growing indoor plants or some essential herbs for your kitchen, you will find the right variety.

Further, these planters are excellent for better plant health, and they are easy to use. So, are you planning to get a self-watering planter for your home garden anytime soon, or do you already use one?

Don’t forget to share your experience of using these planters. It’s time to take better care of your plants. 

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