Whether it is the legendary story told by Homer himself or Noah’s ark, sailing in the sea has always been the initiator of different legendary stories.

If we take modern pop culture into account, then the stories of Pirates Of the Caribbean and One Piece also have great stories circulating around pirate ships. If you are someone who feels intrigued by stories like these, then you might consider having some ship tattoos done on your sleeves or your back or thighs.

So, if you want to make your body a work of art with remarkable Ship tattoos, then you are in the right place. In this article, I will list some of the best these tattoos you can get inked on your skin.


Why Should You Get A Ship Tattoo?  

Why Should You Get A Ship Tattoo

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Are you really sure why you need to get a ship tattoo done on your body? Ship tattoos have different meanings that display through the tattoo you get done on your skin. Some of the most prominent ship tattoo meanings are good fortune, freedom, beginning, and courage.

These tattoos also symbolize adventure, journey, and a  turbulent past or a mysterious future one is pursuing. Either way,  they are cool, just as they are meaningful. These tattoos also refer to some of the religious symbols since the front of a sailing boat resembles the cross of Christianity. So, if you are up for symbolism, mystery, adventure, and freedom to be inked on your skin, get yourself some of these tattoos.

You can get them printed on different parts of your body, such as –

  • Neck
  • Arm
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Thighs
  • Chest

1. American Traditional Ship Tattoos  

 American Traditional Ship Tattoos  

Instead of calling the American traditional tattoo a particular tattoo, we should call it a style that a selected few artists follow. These traditional tattoos are amazing, and they bear some significant elements that add to their characteristics.

Some of the most common elements of these tattoos are – ocean waves, palm trees, and an old ship. If you want to get American ship tattoos in the American traditional style, you need to find a tattoo artist with experience in style. If you can make this vintage tattoo style on your skin, it will be a worthwhile experience.

2. Pirates Of The Caribbean Ship Tattoos   

Pirates Of The Caribbean Ship Tattoos   

If you are fascinated with Captain jack Sparrow or the Black Pearl, then you might want to get tattoos related to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. If you are an admirer of Captain Jack Sparrow, then you can get Jack Sparrow tattooed on your screen alongside the most infamous Black Pearl. Then if you want only black tattoos or realistic ship tattoos, then mixing elements from the Pirates of the Caribbean would be great.

3. Viking Ship Tattoos   

Viking Ship Tattoos   

If you want to represent the wild spirit of Viking dormant inside you, then get some Viking Ship Tattoos on your skin. These Tattoos are stylish and eye-catching.  If should if you can, tattoo a modern iteration of the Viking ship tattoos on your skin.

Tattoo artists doing this kind of tattoo can use a single needle and give you an impressive tattoo with lots of wild meanings and symbols flaunted on your skin. An eye-catchy feel can be achieved through the different shades of dark black; it will also give the.

4. Creative Ship Tattoos For Legs   

Creative Ship Tattoos For Legs   

You can get creative with ship tattoos. You can get different ideas with ships tatted on your skin. For example, the imagery of a Kraken devouring a ship in the ocean or a ship making silhouette structure in front of the setting sun – there are lots of room for creativity. You can get pretty creative with the anchors, pirate ship sails, wheels, maps, and colors. A good thing about these tattoos is that you can ink them on different parts of your body, including your arm, sleeves, back, chest, and more.

5. Modern Ship Tattoos   

Modern Ship Tattoos

Modern ship tattoos usually deal with elements of realism in the tattoos. The typical story of the tattoos is about a Kraken attacking a ship. These tattoos feel like a still-life recreation of a scene from some popular Hollywood movie. This style gives you a detailed tattoo you can’t stop looking at. But, if you want to get a modern ship tattoo done on your skin, you need to look for artists who are skilled with this style.

6. Watercolor Ship Tattoos  

Watercolor Ship Tattoos

Watercolour tattoos have been a common trend recently, and people love the loose and watery effect of the color on their skin. These tattoos pop up even more when the subject of your tattoo is a ship. You can get a watercolor ship tattoo done on your forearms and your things. Also, look for the most experienced tattoo artists who can get you a perfect watercolor tattoo.

7. Modern Full Sleeve Ship Tattoo  

Modern Full Sleeve Ship Tattoo  

When you want the blend of style, drama, sailing equipment, imagery, and symbolism, you can get a modern full-sleeve ship tattoo. This type of tattoo requires a real tattoo artist who can give you great linework without the use of a stencil. Such ship concepts require the use of freehand work. So, choose your tattoo artist mindfully because you don’t want to regret it and make a mess by trying to remove it.

Bottom Line

There are more styles to choose from when you want to get ship tattoos on your skin. You can try minimalist tattoo designs, fine-line ship tattoos, single-needle ship tattoos, and realistic shipwrecks. However, if you want the best suggestions, I would suggest going with the few designs and Ideas I have listed in this article. However, if you have any additional queries related to the same, please comment below to let us know. We will answer you as soon as your comment pops up in the comment box.

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