Every year I attended several marketing conferences held in different countries. And over the years of attending several conferences, I have come to the conclusion that the social media marketing world is the best in the business.

The social media marketing world has some of the best speakers who are capable of making the audiences visualize what they are saying, and the whole environment is rich in networking activities.

However, no matter whether you are a speaker, visitor, or sponsor, these types of events are always an investment of your time and resources. So what did I take away from it, and what am I expecting in 2021 social media marketing world meets?


Things To Look Forward At The Social Media Marketing World

As a content marketing manager, I had a chance to attend last year’s social media marketing world. The vents showcased marketing experts from the digital marketing dimensions. The conference was quite informative.

However, there are things that I found quite impactful, and I believe they will be there in the 2021 social media marketing world conference as well.

1. Facebook Will Still Remain A Significant Pillar

facebook marketing

With the current events in America, people are giving their ear to the tumult, which states that Facebook will no longer be a leading platform in the social media marketing industry. Well, these rumors are going to remain rumors. Facebook might be under the debate, but it certainly holds the top position today.

The newest development in the marketing world is that marketers are more bent towards facebook advertisements than organic traffic and excellent referrals.

2. There Is A Future For Content Marketing

Content marketing

Content marketing has always been the epitome of the digital marketing industry. In the recent article published by TechCrunch, three marketing experts discussed the future of content marketing.

The discussion highlighted the following takeaways:

  • 3 As – Adjust, Adapt, Adopt: marketers need to adjust according to the market changes and consumer behaviors. The best way to do that is adapting to new technological innovations and then adopting its new mode of communications.
  • Quality over Quantity: Attracting new audiences is all good, but attracting convertible audiences will be the center of attention in the content marketing industry. The reason is simple: getting traffic and competing online is getting expensive day by day.
  • Integrity Of Content: Integrity of the content matters the most. Marketers need to be wary about “fluff” content that holds Zero value for the audiences.
  • Effective Content Marketing Strategies: Content will itself not perform in the industry. You need to have a proper plan and content marketing strategy that will help extract the contents’ full potential.

3. Engaging Content Will Lead The Sales Funnel

Engaging Content

Engaging Content Will Lead The Sales Funnel

Engaging content is the pillar of any content marketing strategy. Without engaging content, you will not be able to convey your goals and message to your audiences. Despite engaging content being a top priority of the marketer, most marketers found it hard to do so.

However, if you can stick with the following adjectives, you will be able to create awareness and turn messages into your brand voice.

  • Bigger Content.
  • Bolder Marketing.
  • Braver Perspectives.

4. Linked Profile Will Be A Must For Businesses

LinkedIn Business profile

Linked Profile Will Be A Must For Businesses

We all know how Facebook and Instagram can bring in thousands of leads to the business. However, your LinkedIn profile might be more effective if you are into the B2B business space. Here is how your LinkedIn profile can be a roadway towards highly qualified leads and convertible clients.

  • Linked acts like your business profile; hence, people value it.
  • It highlights your business background and authority.
  • It showcases your business in the most interactive and informative way.
  • Send a personalized invitation to the people you want to connect with.

5. Human To Human Will Be The Next Big Thing

Human To Human communication

Human To Human Will Be The Next Big Thing

Marketing is all about how well you understand the psychology of your customers. In 2021’s social media marketing world conference, human-to-human communication will be a well-discussed topic. 

If businesses can break the human firewall between the businesses and customers, customers are willing to share their information online.

The main thing businesses can do to break this human firewall is to follow the following steps.

  • Listen to your audience’s suggestions.
  • Include your audience’s suggestions in making decisions.
  • Understand their needs.

6. Influence Marketing Will Still Need Authenticity

Influence Marketing

Influence Marketing Will Still Need Authenticity

Influence marketing is still a buzzword that will show its presence in the social media marketing world in 2021. In recent studies made by Talkwalker, more than 69% of marketers believe that influence marketing is still an effective marketing pillar that supports the brands.

Influence marketing was a matter of debate in the 2019 social media marketing world. And due to the pandemic in 2020, this matter was never resolved. So I am predicting that influence marketing will have many things to expose in 2021.

7. Trust Not Traffic

Web-site Traffic

Trust Not Traffic

Yes, it is important to have traffic on your website; however, that traffic will not do good if it doesn’t convert into paying customers. Hence, one thing is certain that in 2021’s social media marketing world conference, the quality of traffic will be more discussed than the quantity of traffic.

This can be done only with customer-driven marketing strategies. Your marketing strategies should contain elements to help your audiences and not think of making only profits.

Remember that creating trust is something that can only be achieved with your honest marketing efforts and value-adding products and services.

The Closing Keynote

The social media marketing world is a great place to share information with each other. And if you are a green leaf in the digital marketing industry, the social media marketing world can help you learn many things about this industry.

My experience was something that helped me build 7bestthings.com. With the current chain of events, the things mentioned above will remain constant for 2021’s social media marketing world conference.

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