We all know that stress may harm our bodies, but many people might not be aware that it can also cause stress rash.

Dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Farhat recently stated in an article that stress “can raise the level of cortisol, a stress-related hormone, increasing inflammation in the skin, that may give rise to hives, eczema, pimples, and loss of hair, among other symptoms.”

An allergic response often brings on hives, but they can also be brought on by stress. If you have ever had asthma, eczema, rosacea, or allergies, you are more inclined to have a stress rash, claims Scripps.

Here is all the information you require to treat a stress rash.


What Does Stress Rash Look Like?  

The Cleveland Clinic states that hives might show up on your face, hands, and neck. On lighter-colored skin, the hives will appear as crimson-raised pimples. They may first appear as small pinpoints or blisters and then progress to become elevated red clusters.

Hives can alter in size and form. The skin will get lighter in the middle as you push on the pimples. Pimple on lip, hooded eyes, and the lining of your neck may also swell painfully if you experience a stress rash on face. The rash may burn, itch, or hurt.

stress rash

Where Does A Stress Rash Appear?  

On the body, hives can occur everywhere. Nevertheless, according to Scripps, hives are more likely to develop on the neck, face, chest, or arms when a stress rash produces them. The hives can combine into a region as big as a plate of food or be as little as a pinpoint.

They can arrive and depart in a couple of days, but they can also come back. For as long as six weeks or perhaps years, the rash may grow and wane.

Why Does The Body React To Stress This Way?  

Your body reacts chemically to stress, which might lead to skin irritation. According to research from 2021 that was released in the publication Dermatology Practical and Conceptual, the HPA (hypothalamus-pituitary- is activated when you are under stress.

Cortisol, as well as other stress hormones and mast cells, are released as a result of this process. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, mast cells, which produce the chemical histamine, are a major cause of stress rash inner elbow and stress rash on stomach.

Unfortunately, how that histamine response results in a rash or flare-up of your other skin conditions is still unclear. “We don’t know how or why the skin responds to your stress hormones, but it’s not a direct relationship,” Dr. Nazarian said. “We may not know exactly why the trigger happens, but we know how to fix it.”

stress rash

The rash can be the result of a factor other than stress, such as:

  • Heat rash: Heat rashes can appear after being exposed to a hot, muggy environment. Use a heat protection spray to prevent this.
  • Eczema: This persistent ailment can affect people of any age. Small skin lumps that can expand to become plaques, which are thick red areas, are its defining feature.
  • Skin dermatitis: This condition is brought on by an allergen coming into touch with the skin, such as some soaps or jewelry.
  • Pityriasis rosea is a typical skin ailment marked by a prominent rash that is frequently encircled by smaller pimples or rashes.
  • Rosacea: Rosacea-related rashes frequently (but not always) affect the face and can last for several weeks or months. This disorder has no known therapy, and rashes may return despite it.

How To Get Rid Of A Stress Rash?  

A medical emergency is deemed to exist if your throat or mouth is swollen. Dial 911 right away if you experience eczema stress rash.

Antihistamines, which are non-drowsy anti-itch drugs, are advised. They will lessen the swelling brought on by the rash and ease stress rash under armpit. Both over-the-counter and prescription options are available.

Additionally, it is advised to take an over-the-counter antacid in addition to the antihistamine for stronger relief. Try milk compresses, suggests the American Institute of Stress. Whole milk’s fat has a calming effect on the face; skim milk is ineffective here. Compresses that are cold may also reduce swelling and irritation. Hydrocortisone and other topical steroids can be helpful.

Additionally advised is having a chilly bath. The itching brought on by hives can be soothed by using oatmeal and baking soda in the bathtub. To prevent aggravating the rash more, dress comfortably.

You ought to get medical help:

  • If your mouth, throat, or breathing becomes swollen or you start to wheeze.
  • If the rash is still present after six weeks,
  • if over-the-counter medicines do not ease the ache.

The positive side is that hives are mostly harmless and fade away on their own, despite being unpleasant.

How To Prevent A Stress Rash?  

Keeping your stress levels under control is the greatest method to avoid stress rash on hands. After receiving some stress-reduction advice from Thea Gallagher, an assistant clinical professor in the psychiatry department at Langone Health at NYU in New York City. They consist of the following:

  • Exercise aids with stress management.
  • To reduce stress, practice mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and deep breathing.
  • The ideal sleep duration every night is six to eight hours.
  • eat a balanced diet. Include lean protein, healthy grains, fruits, and veggies in your meals.
  • Connecting with loved ones is a fantastic way to reduce stress.
  • Seeing a doctor is advised if the stress is ongoing.
  • Maintaining perspective Ponder the positive aspects of your existence.


Know that you are not alone if you experience stress rash during stressful times and that stress may be a factor in your hives or general irritation. Take into account stress-reduction techniques like meditation and exercise.

Speak to a healthcare professional for guidance if self-care fails or you have concerns about your symptoms. Healthcare professionals can collaborate with you to develop an efficient treatment strategy to lessen your itching and make your skin feel calmer.

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