The Subway menu has always been a matter of excitement for fast food lovers. One great thing about the menu is how it goes through constant improvements.

The American fast food chain has been working dedicatedly to improve user experience with a major focus on the refinement of the menu.

Recently, the fast food chain has brought more changes to its menu in the US outlets. You will now get more cheese and meat on the menu. 

Do you want to know about the major changes in the Subway menu? Let’s start!

Here, I will also share some additional details about this fast-food chain that will enhance your experience for your next visit. 


Things To Know About Recent Subway Menu Elevation

From the installation of new slicers and the introduction of a new category in the Subway menu, Subway has gone through a lot of changes recently.

Here, I have curated the 7 best things you need to know about recent refinements. 

The Introduction Of Deli Heroes In The Subway Menu

Do you love the authentic deli-style sandwiches at Subway? Subway is here to uplift your experience. It now brings a new category called “Deli Heroes” to its menu. 

You can now order the sandwiches by their name and numbers. These sandwiches with freshly sliced meat are going to be a delight for all deli lovers!

In this context, Trevor Haynes, President of North America at Subway, said

“This year’s changes are even bigger and more transformational. The addition of freshly sliced meats is the most impactful yet as it gives our guests a better sandwich – raising the bar even higher for the brand that defined fresh. We can’t wait for America to taste the difference and see how far we have come on our journey.”

The Installation Of New Slicers

Did you know that Subway has spent more than $80 million to get the new meat slicers? Subway has gifted these slicers to all the US franchises. Today, 20000 Subway restaurants have these meat slicers.

It goes without saying that the meat slicers have made the introduction of the new series of menus possible.

Offering The Ultimate Deli Sub Experience

Subway is all set to boost your gastronomic delight this season with the “Ultimate Deli Sub” experience. The Subway team has worked for a year to bring the changes to the Subway menu successfully. You will have more cheese and meat in the new Deli Heroes.

All the sandwiches you have will taste more delicious with the freshly baked bread of Subway. In addition, you will get a wide range of choices in vegetables and sauces.  

Offering A Bite Of Titan Turkey(#15)

You can now have 33% more meat in the Titan Turkey sandwiches. These come with Artisan Italian bread.

The presence of double provolone cheese and mayonnaise makes the sandwich more delicious. In veggies, you have the following choices.

  • Tomatoes
  • Red onions
  • Lettuce

Try The Grand Slam Ham(#99)

In these sandwiches, you get 33% more ham. You will also find the Artisan Italian bread in the sandwiches. 

These sandwiches further have double provolone cheese, mayonnaise, red onions, lettuce, and tomatoes. So, it’s time to go nom nom!

Try The New Garlic Roast Beef(#17)

Here are the elements you will find in the garlic roast beef sandwich newly added to the menu.

  • Italian Artisan bread
  • Double provolone cheese
  • Roasted beef
  • Roasted garlic aioli
  • Red onion
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes 

The Introduction Of The Beast(#30)

This Italian Artisan bread sandwich promises the ultimate experience for a meat lover. It has ham, roast beef, turkey, and salami.

Also, the sandwich comes with double provolone cheese, mayonnaise, and MVP vinaigrette.

In the choice of veggies, you will get red onions, tomatoes, and lettuce.

While introducing the changes to the Subway menu earlier this year, Subway conducted one of the biggest sampling events in recent times. According to a PR Newswire report, Subway had put:

“…its new slicers to the test by offering up to 1 million free six-inch Deli Heroes sub at participating restaurants across the country on Tuesday, July 11, between 10 a.m. and noon local time.”

What Is The Subway Christmas Menu For This Year? 

Have you checked out the Subway UK menu for Christmas this year? The Subway menu has pig sides in blankets. Also, you will love the V.I. Brie sandwiches. 

So, let’s have a look at the special delicacies awaiting you at the UK Subway outlets this Christmas.

  • V.I. Brie SubMelt

It is a Panini-style, hot and pressed sandwich with lots of cheese.  You can get it in a 6-inch or footlong size. 

Further, this sub is a great choice if you are a lover of bacon streaks. These bacon streaks have a smoky maple flavor. In addition, the caramelized onions and American cheese make the sub more delicious. It’s a complete flavor blast in your mouth!

  • Pigs In Blankets 

You can have it with the most delicious Subway sauce. You can go for the Chipotle Southwest sauce. However, if you want, you can also pick the X-spicy Chipotle sauce as your condiment for the delicacy. 

  • Toffee Pudding Cookie

This is an all-time favorite of the Subway visitors. This time, it makes a comeback on the Subway menu for Christmas. 

What Is New On The Subway UK Menu? 

On 31st May 2023, Subway also introduced a lot of changes to the Subway UK menu. Subway named the new collection “Chef-inspired.” Further, in this new collection, the fast food chain came up with elevations of its existing sandwiches.

Nevertheless, the noteworthy changes in the UK menu of Subway are:

  • The Baller with a meatball base
  • Big Bombay, inspired by Indian flavors
  • Tex Mexan inspired by Tex-Mex

Is Subway Platter Menu Worth It? 

Yes, the Subway platter menu is definitely worth it. With choices of veggies and meat, there is a platter for everyone at Subway.

Also, to maintain complete safety and transparency, the fast food chain always provides you with a detailed Subway allergen menu. 

So, if you are allergic to certain elements like soy or gluten, you can easily avoid those platter options. In addition, you can customize your platter easily.

Moreover, if you explore the Subway menu with prices, you will find the platters value-for-money considering the portions and flavors you get.

Nevertheless, you can have a meat platter, veggie platter, and mix platter from Subway (Greater London and South East). So, let’s have a look at the options available. 

Subway Meat Platter

  • Tex Mexan Subs
  • Great Caesar Subs 
  • Notorious B.M.T Subs
  • Big Bombay Subs

Veggie Platter

  • Meatless Philly Subs
  • Rockin’ Moroccan Wraps

Subway Mix Platter

  • Tex Mexan Subs
  • Big Bombay Subs
  • Emperor Wraps
  • Meatless Philly Subs

Final Words 

Have you checked out the changes and options Subway menu offers in the USA and UK? With more choices of meat, cheese, and sandwiches, this festive season is going to be a great experience at Subway.

Which sandwich do you love among the options mentioned here? Do you have any other favorites at Subway? Don’t forget to share.

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