While technology in communication can lead to distractions, misunderstandings, and cold interactions, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. After all, the point of technology is to strengthen communication skills with family, friends, and co-workers. So, how do you tap into the power of technology to focus more on the positive? Let’s find it here.


Technology And Its Use For Communication 

In this study, we discuss some of the examples where technology is used to enhance communication.

1. Use Computers And Mobile Devices To Reach Individuals Worldwide

Use Computers And Mobile Devices To Reach Individuals Worldwide

Blogs were the earliest way to communicate with others globally; most have a comment section for discussion. It progressed to social media platforms where members saw, read, and discussed their posts. Social media grew to include photo and video platforms to increase visual engagement.

The pandemic removed human interaction, so the rise of video chat software like Zoom and Skype filled that void. Businesses now use communication software like Slack, Asana, and Teams to chat with remote workers.

Blogs, social media, and video software reach anyone in the world from anywhere in the world. Bosses in companies with national or international clients can bring clients virtually into one room for Monday meetings. Co-workers can clarify written assignments. Family and friends can catch up without traveling cross-country.

People can watch webinars on a screen and listen to your advice and expertise. This flexibility benefits remote and hybrid workers; onsite workers who have trouble coming to work will appreciate it too.

2. Use Technology To Learn Something Valuable

Online courses, podcasts, and audiobooks are great resources for learning something new. Online courses have morphed from a cold place to get assignments to an interactive area that keeps you engaged. Online communication classes improve speech with family, friends, and colleagues.

Most courses include video lectures, quizzes, and learning exercises. Overall, it’s a great way to learn communication skills on your phone, tablet, or computer without leaving the house.

Meanwhile, podcasts are an audio (sometimes audio/video) form of communication where you can do more than listen to two people chat. You can focus on the tone and accent they use. It improves critical thinking, vocabulary, comprehension, and pronunciation.

Another way to improve verbal speech is by listening to audiobooks. When you listen to audiobooks that interest you, you pick up on the same information you get from a podcast.

3. Make The Live Chat More Streamlined

The contact page has transformed into the help desk. Traditionally, it has FAQs, live chat rooms, and contact information. If you reach out through text or email, you will get an automated email or text message telling you that a person will answer your question as soon as possible. Now, live chat has chatbots to answer customer questions.

Chatbots can answer the most common questions, easing the load on live chat for more serious questions. Chatbots can handle about 80% of the workload. That extra energy can go toward serious questions—the 20% that require time and patience to answer. In the end, most live chats will offer an email copy option of the conversation for your review or records.

4. Making The Chatting Apps More Reliable

With the induction of the Chatting applications, their reliability, safety, and security of messages have increased. They are now much more secure compared to the manual use of letters. As long as the data lines are secure, the stakeholders can rely upon them effectively. Furthermore, to make sending messages safe, the chatting apps have made it encrypted on both ends. 

Now what does encryption mean? End-to-End encryption is a system of communication that is managed privately. Only the communicating users can partake, and no adversary can interfere. Even the communication system provider or the telecom service providers will be able to know about the message. 

The most popular chatting services like Whatsapp have integrated this technology to make communication safe, secure, and effective.

5. Let An Automated Service Communicate With Consumers

There is too much to do at a company to focus on birthdays, invitations, onboarding, unsubscribing, delivery notices, special offers, weekly deals, and empty cart reminders for every customer. Then you have to send emails and texts to select customers who opt in. It’s overwhelming for one person to process.

However, an automated text message or email service carries that load to free up employees. They can now focus on other parts of the company.You give them that personal touch without being present. Conversely, customers get a personal touch from automated services to feel valued by the company.

Automation is also a great marketing tool to encourage customers to act now because of the reminder, which they usually do, translating to sales and subscribers.

6. Using Podcasts And Social Media To Reach People

Technology played a mammoth role in aiding communication between people. You have all heard about the podcast. They are audio information like radio services, which are uploaded or stored in cloud technology. 

They are ready for anyone to download and listen to at their will. You can automatically download the podcasts on your smartphone through the help of The RSS feeds. It will enable fans to get the latest episodes whenever they want. It emerged out of radio technology. But Features like Download at-will completely changed the complexion of the entire game. 

7. Wearable Technology 

Wearable technology, without a doubt, has made communications much easier than ever. Wearable technology is any information technology that is carried out on the body. With their help, you can communicate with people, get an idea of your physical status, and many other benefits. 

Examples of the use of such technology include exercise bracelets, smart glasses, and smartwatches. With the help of smartwatches, you can make hands-free phone calls. It can also help you keep the word memos.


What does investing time and money in all this do for your business? You get a faster, streamlined experience that you won’t mind keeping in your arsenal. You learned some examples to tap into the Venn diagram of communication and technology. It’s also imperative to eliminate the drawbacks through interaction and dialogue; by doing so, you enjoy the best of technology in the communication space.

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