The Dark Academia aesthetics came from the social media hype created on Tumblr in 2015. Meanwhile, we had Harry Potter films, fuelling the craze for this subculture.

Nevertheless, the frenzy around this subculture reached its pinnacle during the Covid-19 era. Being a fan of his subculture, Dublin has always been one of the places of intrigue for me.

So, while chalking out the things to do in Dublin, I had to pick the places that I could not miss.

Do you also visit these places as a Dark Academia Enthusiast? Let’s explore.


Things To Do In Dublin For A Dark Academia Fan 

With Trinity College at the top of the list for Dark Academia enthusiasts, Dublin has many hidden gems to offer to the fans. 

Here, I have curated 7 top places for you to explore in Dublin as a fan of Dark Academia.

Pay A Visit To Trinity College

If you want to be familiar with the cultural treasure of Ireland, you have to drop by Trinity College. It is also the alma mater of artistic brilliance like Swift, Beckett, and Wilde.

As a sprawling architecture, it exudes elegance and stands like a symbol of academic and artistic excellence. The Georgian and Victorian buildings take you on a reverse time travel. 

Nevertheless, the main attraction of the college is the long room in the library. From priceless books, works of literature, and ancient manuscripts to bust statues of many brilliant minds, this space is like a wonderland for dark academia fans. 

Visit EPIC, The Irish Emigration Museum

If you are still looking for things to do in Dublin, you must drop by the Irish Emigration Museum. It is a place to learn about the history of emigrants in Ireland.

This museum has high-tech amenities, and it shows how emigration impacted the country. It also highlights how emigration made an impact on over 70 million people of Irish ancestry spread all over the world. 

From 2019 to 2021, this place consecutively bagged the title of Europe’s Leading Tourist Attraction. 

The place offers an interactive experience. In the music section, you can match your steps with Riverdance. The other attractions include quick-draw at Rogue’s Gallery and the Irish Family History Centre.

There, the genealogy service partners will help you trace back your ancestral roots.

Visit Guinness Storehouse

Having intellectual discussions over beer is one of the favorite practices of Dark Academia enthusiasts. So, while making the things to do in Dublin list, you must ensure to enlist a visit to this place.

The place where you can have one of the best beers in the world, Guinness Store is like a multimedia tribute to Guinness. 

It’s fascinating to know that what you see today is a transformed old plant in the St James’s Gate Brewery. The seven-storied building of the storehouse is an account of the famous brewery of Dublin and it shows how beer is brewed.

While enjoying a pint at the storehouse, you can cherish the panoramic view of Dublin City from the Gravity Bar on the top floor. Also, the restaurant on the floor below offers an exquisite spread of food.

Expert Tip

Don’t miss the exciting experiences offered by the Storehouse these days. You must take the behind-the-gate tour to visit a part of St. James’s Gate. 

Drop By Kilmainham Gaol: An Account Of Ireland’s Modern History

As a follower of Dark Academia aesthetics, you have to pay a visit to “The Bastille of Ireland,” Kilmainham Gaol. This building is like a timeless tapestry of Ireland’s long struggle for freedom from British rule.

Built in 1796, this building will give you a chill down your spine as you pay a visit. It became the refuge for many rebels and revolutionary leaders in the struggle for freedom.

The building was decommissioned in 1924, and today, it is one of the best places to know and celebrate Irish nationalism.

You will get to see many personal belongings and letters of the rebellious figures who were forced to stay here.

However, the eeriest place in the building is the prison which will make you visualize the execution of the failed Easter Rising in 1916. 

Are you an enthusiast of art? What could be a better place to visit for you than the National Gallery Of Ireland? It has as many as 54 different galleries. It has the work of names like Van Gogh, Van Dongen, Reynolds, and many others.

You will witness a strong presence of Irish art at the gallery. However, it also has artistic creations from all the major schools of European art.

Expert Tip: 

Don’t miss an audio tour of the National Gallery if you are visiting the place with your children and family. 

Revisit The Past At Malahide Castle and Gardens

Magnificence and drama! If you expect these two things from things to do in Dublin, you must pay a visit to Malahide Castle and Gardens.

The parkland is just 6 miles away from the Dublin Airport, and it tells you the story of the Talbot family of Ireland.

The place offers a guided tour so that you can become familiar with the private rooms and collections.

There is also a rose garden and many butterfly species to excite you. 

Drop By The National Museum Of Ireland 

The National Museum of Ireland now has two sections. These two sections are the “National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology” and the “National Museum of Ireland – Decorative Arts & History.”

From Celtic metalworks to the mummified bodies from the Irom Age, you have a lot to explore at the museum. 

Final Words 

Have you made the list of things to do in Dublin? Explore the palpable energy of the city and celebrate it for the great place it is in terms of rich culture, history, and academic and artistic excellence.

Have you heard of any other place in Dublin that fuels the Dark Academia enthusiast in you? Don’t forget to share! You can also read about the best places to visit in Prague and Budapest. 

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