What is the most prominent account of dark academia in our pop culture? It’s Harry Potter. Edinburgh is the place where J. K. Rowling weaved the first book of Harry Potter, sitting in The Elephant House cafe.

Also, it’s the city of the likes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert Louis Stevenson. So, no wonder that there are many things to do in Edinburgh if you are a dark academia fan.

Let’s explore the city!


Best Things To Do In Edinburgh As A Dark Academia Fan  

Did you know that Edinburgh became the first “UNESCO City of Literature” in 2004? With so many authors and literary characters belonging to the city, no wonder it attracts bibliophiles and dark academia fans in large numbers.

Also, the Edinburgh International Book Festival is a massive celebration for those who are into books and literature.

Exuding a palpable vibe of dark academia, Edinburgh has many places to cater to dark academia fans. Here, I have curated 7 of the best places among them.

National Library Of Scotland  

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, has this diamond mine in the form of the National Library Of Scotland.

Along with the best book collections, this place is also known for excellent workshops for literary minds. You will also get to attend exhibitions at this library.

In addition, when you are at the National Library of Scotland, you must learn how to use the map for any historical research. You can even know how you can use the map to start your family tree.

You can do different sorts of research at the National Library of Scotland. However, this library does not lend books. You will have to sit there and read the books you want.

You can also buy some books from their store. However, if you are planning to spend some time in Edinburgh, you can register with the library.

Along with books, this library also has manuscript and audio collections. Do you need some coffee to make your reading session more rejuvenating? You can spend some time at their cafe.

Scott Monument  

Edinburgh is the hub of dark academia fans and book lovers for a reason. It has the Scott Monument, which is the biggest monument dedicated to any writer. The monument pays homage to Sir Walter Scott.

He became a prominent name in the field of literature in the late 18th century. He depicted Scotland in a beautiful and romantic way. His portrayal of Scotland revolutionized tourism in the country.

This monument is gothic in structure and looks like a rocket ship. You can climb up its stairs and reach the viewing platforms to enjoy a great view of the city.

Scottish Poetry Library  

Are you a fan of Edwin Morgan, one of the most famous Scottish poets? You must pay a visit to the Scottish Poetry Library. It’s a full-fledged archive of Morgan.

This place has a collection of more than 50000 papers and books. So, while exploring the things to do in Edinburgh as a dark academia fan, you cannot just give a visit to the Scottish Poetry Library a miss.

This place also has many activities throughout the day. There are reading sessions and literary discussions. It also has a shop from where you can collect books and gifts.

Writers’ Museum  

When in Edinburgh, you have to visit the Writers’ Museum. It is a one-of-a-kind place for book lovers and literary minds.

This place has works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott, and Robert Burns. Further, this place has a whiff of history. The museum is in Lady Stair’s House, which was founded in 1622.

Along with books, you will also come across many exhibits in this museum. You can check the printing press used for the publication of Scott’s Waverley novels.

You will further come across Robert Louis Stevenson’s riding boots there. These are a few of the many exhibits at the museum.

Scottish Storytelling Centre  

If you want to know the rich cultural heritage of Scotland, you have to visit the Scottish Storytelling Centre. It was founded in 2006, and at the museum, you will find a wonderful presentation of Scotland’s past through music, dance, and of course, storytelling.

Once you visit the Scottish Storytelling Centre, you will feel like coming back to the place again and again because it keeps rolling on its events.

This place also hosts many theatrical performances, exhibitions, and music. You can even attend various workshops on narrative arts and Irish dance at this Scottish Storytelling Centre.

In addition, this place is the home of the world-famous Scottish International Storytelling Festival.

You can also pay a visit to the house of John Knox next to this place. It is the oldest building of the medieval period on the Royal Mile.

The Oxford Bar  

Are you a fan of Inspector Rebus novels? You must pay a visit to Oxford Bar. Detective Ian Rankin calls The Oxford Bar on Young Street the favorite boozing space of Rebus.

So, discuss the fun plots of the novels with your friends accompanying you. What about coming up with some creative plots?

The Elephant House Cafe  

This quaint cafe is the place where J.K. Rowling came up with her first Harry Potter book. So, all the Potterheads in the world have dreams of flocking to this place.

Along with J. K. Rowling, this place is also graced by another prominent name in the world of literature, Ian Rankin. You will find the mention of this cafe in many of his works.

The cafe gets its name from the numerous elephant models you get to see as you enter. Also, there is a bathroom, which will remind you of Harry Potter with graffiti.

The food and beverages served here are simple and decent. The cafe also donates a part of its earnings to development in third-world countries.

Final Words  

As a book lover or dark academia fan, you have many things to do in Edinburgh. The city is so serious and dedicated to its literary richness and culture that a simple walk down the city can be a fulfilling experience for you.

Which one place do you want to visit in Edinburgh among the ones I have shared here? Or do you have any place in mind for dropping by?

Don’t forget to share.

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