When it comes to painting, water color is a messy medium. It is almost uncontrollable. Saying from a painter’s perspective – one is never meant to control the water color; rather, let it lose. water color tattoos are similar. Once you get tatted with this style, it feels as if your body is painted with actual water colors. 

If someone wipes it off, the colors will go away, as water color does. But, the tattoos stay, unlike the real water colors. In fact, they stay and look better than tattoos that are cartoony and have a bold outline. 

Alright, if you are looking for water color tattoo ideas, then you are in the right place. Here, you will learn all there is to learn about water color tattoos and 


What Are Water Color Tattoos? 

What Are Water Color Tattoos

water color tattoos, according to tattoo artists, don’t have an outline as traditional tattoos do. When it comes to highlights, the artists have to use colors instead of black/dark colors for the outlines. The use of colors instead of dark ink for outlining makes the designs look more realistic. 

Now, there is no simple style in the water color type of tattoos. Different artists use different methods and come up with their own unique styles of coloring the skin. More expressive artists use different brush strokes and sketchy skin lines across the splashes of color. They love to give a certain character to the water color tattoos they create. 

Some artists go for pastel or muted colors for their desired look and feel of the work of art they create on the human skin. 

Do Water Color Tattoos Fade? 

Do Water Color Tattoos Fade

With age, all the different types of tattoos fade. Be it water color, or dark ink-colored tattoos, as they grow old, they fade away. Dark and black tattoos tend to get hazy, gray, or thicker. On the other hand, the water color tattoos fade in color.

However, when you feel like the tattoos are fading, you can get a quick touch-up to fix them and make them look new. However, you might find your water-colored tattoos getting prettier with age. 

How so? Because some of the tattoos have faded edges. The faded edges look better as the tattoo gets older. However, you can care for the tattoos and keep them from fading so soon. Here are some tips –

⦿ Protect the tattoos from the sun. 

⦿ Protect them from all the sources of UV rays.

⦿ Take care of the tattoos when healing. 

⦿ Also, use sunscreen when going out.

Mesmerizing Water Color Tattoo Ideas 

Here are some different water color tattoo ideas you might explore if you are planning to get inked.

1. Water Color Cat Tattoo

Water Color Cat Tattoo

If you are looking for a very cute and attractive water color tattoo idea, then get a cat tattooed on your skin. Well, I am just saying. Black cats have a fuzzy black coat of hair around them. Tattooing your skin in black water color might be a  good idea. Also, if you have a love for the animal, then a cat is a convenient choice for a tattoo. 

2. Water Color Flower Tattoo 

Water Color Flower Tattoo 

Some of us really love to get the colors of the flowers, vines, and green tattooed on our skin. Believe me when I say this. The wild vines and flowers look the prettiest when painted with watercolors. You can get your skin tattooed with a minimal small flower or get a whole bunch of roses. You can also stick to a single small flower on your shoulder, arm, or your legs. 

3. Water Color Goldfish Tattoo

Water Color Goldfish Tattoo

I have seen watercolor artists painting goldfish all day. Well, why not? They are pretty. But what about getting those fishes tattooed on your skin? Check out these water color fish tattoos. 

4. Water Color Butterfly Tattoo

Water Color Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are cute. But if you tattoo them on your skin, they look even prettier. It’s like a butterfly is sitting on your skin. Especially, if you are tattooing it in watercolor style tattoo, they come to look more realistic. If you are looking for some ideas, here are some you can check out from. 

5. Water Color Rose Tattoo

Water Color Rose Tattoo

I know, I know, I have talked about water color flower tattoos before. But, when it comes to rose, I cannot help making an exception. All flowers are on one side, and the rose at the. Here are some pretty rose tattoos you can get on your skin. 

6. Water Color Bird Tattoo

Water Color Bird Tattoo

There is no end of ideas when getting a water color tattoo. Check out these water color bird tattoos.  If you want an alternative to flowers, cats, or fish, you can check these out. 

7. Water Color Dragon Tattoo

Water Color Dragon Tattoo

I know that it seems a bit wild, but watercolor tattoos are meant to look wild and pretty. Here are some watercolor tattoo ideas with dragons

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Here are some popular questions people ask about watercolor tattoos. These might be helpful. 

Q1. Do Water Color Tattoos Hurt More? 

Ans: The benefits of getting water-colored tattoos are that they use less ink, and the punches on your skin are not as much as a traditional tattoo. So, they usually hurt less compared to other tattoos.

Q2. How Well Do Water Color Tattoos Last?

Ans: If you take good care of the tattoos, they will last more than five years to 10 years. 

Q3. How Often Do Water Color Tattoos Need To Be Touched Up?

Ans: The longevity of water color depends on its care. If you are taking good care of the tattoos, they will last for around 5 to 10 years. However, if you get a touch-up, you must get them within a year or two. However, if the artist is proficient, you will need little to no touch for two to three years. 

Final Words 

Water color tattoos, like all the other types of tattoos, also hurt. However, they hurt less due to less use of needles and ink. So if you are planning to get pretty-looking tattoos on your skin, water color tattoos might be a good choice. But make sure you are using the best design and idea. 

I hope you liked the tattoo ideas shared in this article. If you have any relatable queries, you can ask them in the comment section.

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