7 Best Food In Kobe That You Must Try Once


Takomeshi is a local dish - it’s rice cooked with dried, small octopus. The best part? The more you will chew the octopus, it tends to get more flavorful.

Kobe Beef

It’s one of the best beef brands not just in the whole of Japan, but in the whole world. So, if you are a fan of beef, you must try this out!


It’s easy to make, cheap, and most importantly, packed with flavors. Originating in downtown Kobe, Sobamesi consists of yakisoba and rice stir-fried together in Japanese sauces.

Himeji Oden Stew

Typically, eaten during the winter with ginger soy sauce, Himeji Oden Stew is made with eggs, daikon radish, konjac jelly and other local ingredients. The ginger’s flavor makes the dish one of the most refreshing Japanese dishes of all time.

Banshu Ramen

This local version of Ramen stands out for its distinctly sweet, soy sauce-based soup. It’s light, it’s refreshing, and something that we will remember for a long time.