7 Best Food In Kyoto That You Must Try Once

Herring Soba (Soba & Nishin Soba)

While you can try out soba noodles with various toppings such as curry, duck, and tempura, nothing beats soba served with herring!


It’s Japan’s take on Tapas, of sorts! Small dishes made with fresh, seasonal veggies from Kyoto’s local markets - yum!

Saba Sushi

A delicious blend of flavors - that’s exactly what Saba Sushi tastes like. The fattiness of fish and sourness of vinegar makes this dish authentic, unique, and tasty.

Kyoto Ramen

Japan’s different regions have their own take on Ramen, and Kyoto is no different! Here, we loved the pork broth ramen, locally known as Tonkotsu.

Green Tea Desserts

Our top 3 Green Tea desserts that you have to try out in Kyoto are - Sencha, Matcha, and Gyokuro.

Shojin Ryori

Best served in the city’s monasteries, Shojin Ryori uses fermented and dried soybean-based food like tofu to create nutritional and balanced meals.


This sophisticated style of cooking is all about uniting artistic presentation with seasonal local ingredients.