7 Best Food In Osaka That You Must Try Once


Oshi-Zushi dates to around 400 years ago - it’s one of the oldest varieties of sushi still eaten today!


Looking for a cheerful and cheap dining option in Osaka? Try Kushikatsu - skewers of meat, seafood, and vegetables served with ice-cold beer.

Kitsune Udon

Like Ramen, Japan’s different regions have their own varieties and flavors of udon. In Osaka, you can try out the kitsune udon, a delicate broth of chewy udon noodles, seaweed, fish-based dashi, and sweet-and-savory abura-age.

Tessa (Fugu)

In Osaka’s dialect, Japanese blowfish is known as Tessa. Here, Tessa is served in several different ways - from grilling it over charcoal to deep-frying it as karaage, pick what suits you best!

Sake Lees Soup

Osaka has a rich history of brewing sake and over time, sake lees soup gained popularity. Here, it’s a regional specialty, particularly during winter.


It's not really a pancake, nor is it a frittata. Rather, it’s a sort of savory pancake/frittata (yes both) served with meat and vegetable toppings - so yum!