7 Best Food In Tokyo That You Must Try Once


You might call us biased, but trust us, nobody does deep-fried food better than Tokyo! Think about it - what is there to not love about deep-fried sweet potato or shrimp encrusted in the crispiest and lightest batter?


We love Yakitori in Tokyo - delicious chicken meat skewers grilled over charcoal and brushed with a sweet soy glaze! So yummy!

Japanese Curry

Unlike Indian or Thai curries, Japanese curry has a relatively more stew-like texture. It is also milder and sweeter in taste.


Gyukatsu, also known as beef katsu, is the trendiest star of Japan’s food culture. With a rare to medium-rare interior and crispy exterior, beef katsu is served with miso soup, cabbage, pickles, rice, and dipping sauces.


Japan’s favorite winter food, Sukiyaki is a tasty assortment of thinly sliced meat and fresh veggies cooked in a hot pot with a salty and sweet soy sauce-based broth.


Yakiniku is our absolute favorite on this list! FYI, it’s Japanese BBQ.

Shabu Shabu

Another yummy hot pot dishes for Tokyo’s winter, Shabu Shabu involves simply stirring meat and vegetables with chopsticks. It’s simple to cook but delicious to eat!