Sanmamen (Soba & Nishin Soba)

Sanmamen happens to be Yokohama’s specialty ramen. It's cooked in light soy sauce and topped with pork and stir-fried vegetables.


Gyu-nabe, or beef hot pot, is another local Yokohama dish with an origin story. Interestingly, this beef hot pot is the forerunner of sukiyaki cooked in Kanto style.


Cheesy, creamy, and full of carbs! What’s not to like about Doria? You must try this casserole-like West-inspired Yokohama dish.

Spaghetti Napolitan

An American twist to this classic Italian dish, Spaghetti Napolitan was first made in Hotel New Grand years ago - to date, you can try out the original dish here!

Shumai Bento

Shumai Bento is Yokohama’s specialty bento!  The Shumai Bento is iconic since it features delicious Chinese-style dumplings.

Edomae Sushi

Sushi chefs in Yokohama preserve raw fish in soy sauce, vinegar, and other curing products. This traditional technique of sushi-making brings out certain flavors.

Soup Dumplings

Soup Dumplings or xiaolongbao are perhaps the most popular Chinese-inspired Yokohama snack. We love these!