Sohonke Nishin-Soba Matsuba

“The best soba spot I tried in Kyoto! The soba is delicious! Tried the cold soba with shrimp tempura and the chicken hot soba.” - Visitor

Nagomi Kyo no Obanzai

“Nagomi Kyo Obanzai, was incredible. The place serves some of the best sushi I’ve tasted while in Japan.” - Visitor

Sushi Gion Matsudaya

“One of the best meals we’ve ever had. The chef is the sweetest, so long as you respect his craft.” - Visitor

Kyoto Engine Ramen

“Tucked away in a hidden corner of Kyoto is possibly the BEST Ramen you will eat! Creamy, soupy, perfectly cooked noodles and the most amazing flavor!” - Visitor

Maccha House Kyoto Kawaramachi

“I had the green tea tiramisu, matcha chocolate green tea latte, and iced sencha. Really enjoyed the matcha flavor in the dessert and drinks.” - Visitor

Tenryuji Temple Shigetsu

“This was our best food experience in Japan. Truly a must-try! The food tastes fresh, not heavy but filling because of the tofu.” - Visitor

Kyoto cuisine Hanasaki Nishikiten

“This felt like a real Kaiseki experience, with dishes specifically focused on Kyoto ingredients. Everything was fresh and unique, and all beautifully plated.” - Visitor