Sushisho Masa

“Hard to book, but so worth it! Sushisho Masa seats only 7 pax. The dining experience is intimate and welcoming.” - Visitor

Joto Curry

“I loved every bit of it. The curry is so creamy and tasty. It was even spicy and had some heat to it. The cutlet was soft and tender.”  - Visitor

Ichiran Ramen

“I haven't enjoyed such delicious food in a long time. The aroma, flavor, and generous portions were all outstanding.”  - Visitor

Yakitori Imai

“My husband loves the yakitori here! He is a big yakitori fan, and he says this is one of the best in Tokyo.”  - Visitor

Tempura Shinjuku Tsunahachi Souhonten

“This place is fantastic! The service, environment, decor, and food were all exceptional.”  - Visitor

Katsukura Shinjuku Takashimaya

“My favorite deep-fried pork cutlet franchise! They served the best deep-fried pork cutlet in Japan! Good food, good service, and the atmosphere too!”  - Visitor

Gyūan Ginza

“Absolutely, hands down, the best steak servings I’ve had in my life. From the owners to the staff, the service was impeccable.”  - Visitor