“Super friendly and supportive to foreigners! They would offer an English menu to non-Japanese speakers and do their best to understand your needs!” - Visitor

Kadohei Tsuketen Soba


“A beef hotpot restaurant in Isezaki Town. The interior of the store is elegant and has a great atmosphere. And the beef hot pot is exquisite.”- Visitor

Yokohama Motomachi Doria

“All 4 meals were very tasty. Staff helped us order on the iPad. Make sure you have Google Translate on your phone to help with the menu options.” - Visitor


“I ordered the "Tomato and Garlic Spaghetti," as well as their seafood pizza. Both were magnificent.” - Visitor


“We’ve been looking for authentic-tasting Taiwanese beef noodles, and I am so happy we found Banwarou. The food was hearty.” - Visitor

Tsukiji Sushisay

“The sushi was very delicious, the staff seemed to get along well with each other, and the atmosphere was fun and comfortable.” - Visitor

Tohoku Jinka Chinatown Yokohama

“Foood is amazing! Simply the best Chinese food  that I have tried so far in Japan❤❤” - Visitor