Osaka vs Tokyo: Which Is The Better Food Hub In Japan?

Light vs. Dark Broth for noodles

While noodles are served in a clear, golden, and lighter broth in Osaka, the noodles are served with a blackish, strong broth in Tokyo.

Veggie Tempura vs. Seafood Tempura

In Tokyo, tempura is made with seafood, it's cooked with vegetables in Osaka.

Round vs. Triangular Onigiri

Onigiri is famous across Japan, but the shapes vary from region to region. So, while you will find round onigiri in Osaka, Tokyo’s onigiri has a triangular shape.

Square Sushi vs. Nigiri Sushi

You will find Nigiri sushi in Tokyo made with seafood easily available from the nearby Tokyo Bay, but in Osaka, you can try out oshizushi, a type of square-shaped pressed sushi.

So, Osaka or Tokyo? Which one is going to be your first stop?