From comedies, musicals, and period drama to superhero films, She can do it all. Emma Stone is one of the most versatile actresses of our generation.

Starting her career during the mid-2000s, Emma Stone played a whole range of characters ever since her acting, which made the audience love her more and more.

In her career, the role that made her an actress is now the teen movie Easy A. While she is known for her comedic comeback, she is equally well-equipped to play certain serious roles, such as in The Favourite, Cruella, La La Land, and Birdman.

Even though she has a substantial amount of good movies, that doesn’t mean Emma Stone didn’t make really bad movies in her career. Today I am going to give you a list of the seven best and worst Emma Stone movies.

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7 Best Emma Stone Movies  

So let’s start with the seven best Emma Stone movies that I think deserve to take the top stop. Now without wasting any more of our time, let’s get on to it.

La La Land  

While talking about the best Emma Stone movies, it would be outright crazy not to talk about the film that won Emma Stone her first Oscar.

Playing the role of Mia Dolan opposite Ryan Gosling’s Sebastian Wilder, Emma Stone stunned the audience with her incredible dancing and singing.

La La Land is probably the best movie based on a musical that was released in years, and undoubtedly it deserves the top spot on your list of best Emma Stone movies.


When you watch the movie Birdman, it is not only Michael Keaton’s amazing performance that you remember.

Emma Stone perfectly plays the character of a drug addict’s daughter who is trying to recover. The became so huge that it was among the most ambitious and entertaining films of the 2010s.


Emma Stone is no stranger when it comes to coming-of-age movies. That is what happened when she made her debut in the movie Superbad.

The amount of exposure that the film got is undoubtedly more than anything Emma Stone could think of. The movie totally changed her career for the good.

It is quite rare that a newcomer is given a substantial role, and that is what changed the track of her career for good.

Crazy, Stupid, Love  

Pairing opposite the gorgeous Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone showed us exactly they are the perfect duo for the romantic musical movie La La Land.

The sexual tension and chemistry between the two was jaw-dropping. The pair went on to do three movies together, but this is the movie that cemented the chemistry between these two actors.

Easy A   

After the huge success of coming-of-age movies like Superbad and Zombieland, Emma Stone invested and dug deep into that genre. And thank god that she did, or else we wouldn’t have Easy A.

The film is a classic example of teen comedy and drama. The underlying meaning of the movie is for a more intelligent teen audience than all your other teen coming-of-age movies.


Well, who doesn’t love the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians, we loved the little Dalmatian pups while growing up despising the character Cruella de Vill.

So when Disney came out with the live-action adaptation of the character Cruella, I thought the movie was going to be a huge flop.

The trend of humanization of villains was going great, but Cruella was outright cruel, skinning Dalmatian dogs for a living; who could sympathize with her?

But the route Emma took in the movie is nothing that we expected. The character was reimagined in a totally iconic and fashionable way in the movie, nothing like we remember.  

The Amazing Spider-Man  

Although the whole franchise received a poor reaction from the audience, eventually, The Amazing Spider-Man 3 got canceled. But what the franchise gave us was amazing on-screen chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy.

7 Worst Emma Stone Movies  

Now it is not possible for an actor to have all great movies; there have to be a few bad ones in the lot. So let’s talk about a few of the worst Emma Stone movies.

The House Bunny  

In my opinion, one of the bad Emma Stone movies was The House Bunny, released back in 2008.

However, the film revolves around an ex-playboy bunny played by Anna Faris, who becomes the ‘house mother’ of a sorority house that is full of losers. Among them is the character of Emma Stone.

Ghost of Girlfriends Past  

The movie Ghost of Girlfriends Past is not a bad movie overall, but Emma Stone’s character was nothing but a cringe factory.

The makers tried to make her a funny one, but it came out all wrong and more cringe than anything else. Her acting skills and talents were not appreciated properly in the movie.


The criticism and backlash that the movie Aloha and the character of Emma Stone received had nothing to do with her acting skills or talent. The film received backlash for whitewashing.

The character of Allison Ng in the book Aloha was supposed to played by an Asian actress, specifically one-quarter Hawaiian and one-quarter Chinese. But the makers chose Emma Stone to play the character.

Along with the claim of whitewashing, the storyline could be a bit meatier, especially the chemistry between Bradley Cooper’s character and Emma Stone’s.


It is sometimes hard to believe that a movie about animals is considered to be bad, but that is the case with the movies Marmaduke. Even if the comic strip is funny, the movie was not of that standard.

Criticized for being unfunny and dull, ending up getting a really bad score on Rotten Tomatoes as well. Even Emma Stone, who voiced the character Mazie, was not enough to save the film from becoming a flop.

Gangster Squad  

The trifecta of movies between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling includes the film Gangster Squad.

Unlike the other two movies that they have done, the Gangster Squad was not a good movie for both Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. The movie felt more like a silly excuse for the cast to wear pretty clothes and portray the 1949 gangsters of Los Angeles.

Irrational Man   

It is unfortunate that a Woody Allen film is on this list, but now that it is on the list, let’s talk about it. Stone plays the role of a student who has feelings for her philosophy professor, which is played by Joquin Phoenix.

The film takes a dramatic turn right after the two start their relationship. It is still unsure as to why the film tanked. According to critics, the reason is Allen’s lack of proper direction skills rather than Stone’s acting.

Magic In The Moonlight  

This is yet another Woody Allen movie that unfortunately made the list of worst Emma Stone movies. Stone played a psychic opposite a nay-sayer Colin Firth. Even though the film had great acting capabilities, the lack of chemistry between the actors was the downfall of the whole film.

Wrapping Up!  

Like most other actors and actresses, Emma Stone has her fair share of really bad and great what we can gladly call Emma Stone movies.

But the perspective that you see in a movie is different for everyone. So it is possible that that is listed as a bad movie you can end up liking. That is the reason why you should see all the Emma Stone movies from this list. If you like this article, then let me know in the comment section.

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