As an entrepreneur, your primary business goal will always be to grow your business. The bigger the company you have, the bigger the revenue and profits that you will be able to generate. However, your business will only grow with a good growth marketing team and strategy.

Since marketing is essential to all businesses, creating promotional content that focuses on growing a company makes sense. Such tactics involve promoting the business as a whole rather than promoting specific products.

But who is a growth marketer, and what skills do you need to become one? If you wish to know this answer, then read this post till the end to learn about seven essential skills a growth marketer must have.


What Is Growth Marketing?  

Growth marketing services refer to promotional optimization that goes beyond simply promoting an item. Instead, it fosters client loyalty to support corporate growth. Using various techniques, you can get the most out of your efforts.

  • A/B Testing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing
  • Data Analysis

Growth marketing accelerates innovation cycles as opposed to depending on prolonged efforts. Micro campaigns and just-in-time campaigns cater to the demands of the present. The data produced by every initiative or article of content teaches you the solutions to important issues like:

  • What are the main user characteristics?
  • What problems do your users have, & what amount of money are they ready to spend to fix them?
  • How frequently and how thoroughly do your users interact with your product?

In growth marketing, “growth” refers to the organization’s growth. Here, this “growth” can come in the form of an increase in the number of employees, customers, revenue, and overall brand awareness.

The secret is to begin small to gather data on which marketing strategies work best. Choose the routes the evidence supports, then concentrate your efforts there. You may decide afterward how much marketing funds to spend on specific initiatives.

Essential Growth Marketing Skills You Must Have  

If you wish to know what does a growth marketer do, you must have these seven growth marketing skills that will benefit you in setting up your career toward success. These skills will be crucial to your marketing growth strategy.

The primary skills you need in this regard are:

1. Data Analysis  

To better define “What is a Growth marketer,” it’s easy to say that they utilize data to develop hypotheses and more comprehensive plans. They also comprehend data sufficiently to communicate their results to non-technical colleagues.

Growth marketers can stack together analytics solutions to gather timely, pertinent marketing data for your team. Think Google data and native platform metrics. They are also capable of identifying any reporting hiccups that may arise.

2. Conversion Rate Optimization  

The proportion of internet users who complete a desired activity, such as filling out a form or purchasing, can increase through conversion rate optimization.

Regarding growth marketing strategies, you must know the best testing tools to utilize, like Google Optimize, Hotjar, and Optimizely. They could experiment with 41 different colors of blue or different CTAs to determine what works best.

The targeting, landing pages, and ad copy that work brilliantly on one channel could fail on another. Professional growth marketers can put your marketing strategy for business to the test across a variety of channels, like Snapchat to email, to ensure that your rate of conversion is as high as it can be.

3. People & Channel Management  

Most freelancing growth marketing professionals possess interpersonal abilities from prior full-time positions. However, growth marketers use their people management expertise, even as individuals, to establish a practical marketing plan and convey standards.

Growth marketers make budget allocations based on their knowledge of which current marketing channels should receive greater or lesser attention and which new ones could be worth investigating.

This might imply that they reduced their spending on linear TV in order to fund influencer talent for TikTok advertisements. This is why events like the social media marketing world become essential.

4. Full-Funnel Strategy  

A strong growth marketer would seek to “understand the mutually beneficial connection between those various strategies and channels.” They should also know well how these fit collectively to construct your sales funnel, especially at businesses needing a head of growth.

5. Customer Segmentation  

Customer segmentation is crucial for retention. Most growth marketers are adept at segmenting a CRM based on various factors. Analyzing all these factors is essential for growth marketing. These factors include:

  • Selling Purpose
  • Customer Acquisition Channels
  • Sales History
  • Customer Journey/Sales Funnel
  • Churn Risk
  • Upselling Opportunities

6. Project Management  

A Growth marketing manager oversees the entire project lifecycle. A Growth marketing tactic involves establishing budgets and metrics, contracting creative assets, providing packaging advice, assisting the team in launching on schedule, and helping them outperform their sales projections. This function is often shared with a business development consultant.

7. Testing Framework Development  

Successful growth marketers understand how to build up a testing framework, including a process for having tests authorized, deciding how long to run them, and sharing the findings with the rest of the team. This is challenging, though, because every tier of the sales funnel has several elements that affect conversions.


Growth Marketing is the concept of using any form of data that a business has gained from previous marketing efforts. Using this data, a growth marketer will be able to drive the growth rate of a company by implementing new strategies and constantly improving them.

Therefore, the seven essential skills of a growth marketer are – data analysis, conversion rate optimization (CRO), people and channel management, marketing & sales funnel strategy, customer segmentation, project management, and testing framework development.

Therefore, to become a growth marketer, ensure you have all these skills. Upskill yourself as necessary and succeed in becoming a growth marketer! If you need any help on how to get started, let me know in the comments below!

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