CountryUnited States
MayorJohn Coope
Vice MayorJim Shulman
Founded In 1779
Named AfterFrancis Nash
Population692,587 (as of 2018)
Area Code615

Are you planning a trip to Nashville sometime this year with your partner? Are you wondering what are the fun things to do in Nashville TN for couples? Guess what? You have arrived at the right destination. We are here to help you find out more about all the fun activities to enjoy with your partner in Nashville.

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Exploring Nashville With My Partner: 7 Fun Things To Do!

Nashville is one of those places where you can’t run out of romantic things to do with your partner. In fact, when we started planning our trip, we found there are so many fun things to do in Nashville TN for couples. So without wasting any more time, scroll down and check out all the fun stuff you can do with your partner!

1. Hiking In The Forest Hills:

Budget-friendly ✔️

Location: Forest Hills, TN, USA

One of the things that Nashville is known for is its expansive parks, and Forest Hills is exactly the neighborhood popular amongst all hiking enthusiasts. So if you and your partner love to explore trails and hike around, then this is one of the unique things to do in Nashville. 

Check out The Radnor Lake State Park – it features over ten different hiking trails, and that too with distinctive difficulty levels. In fact, four of these routes will lead you to the beautiful Radnor Lake, spread across 1200 acres.

2. Groove To Live Music At A Honky-Tonk:

Budget-friendly ✔️

Location: 300 – 500 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37201, USA

One of the things we were looking forward to while visiting Nashville was its famous Honky Tonk Highway! If you have never heard about this live music heaven, you have all the more reasons to check the place out! Honky Tonk is this street full of bars where visitors can groove to live music for the whole day.

And the best part? There’s NO COVER CHARGE! You can just tip the artists and musicians with some cash. This is perhaps one of the most fun things to do in Nashville TN for couples – don’t forget to check out Legends Corner, Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, and Robert’s Western World.

3. Spend Quality Time At The Love Circle:

Budget-friendly ✔️

Location: Nashville, TN 37212, USA

There’s something so soothing, so romantic about visiting Love Circle Nashville – it’s everything you could want while traveling with your partner. Yes, exploring a destination together is the ultimate romance, but then you need some quality time, too – wasn’t that the whole point of planning this trip?

Love Circle is an aesthetic little hilltop landscape located to the north of Centennial Park. Located about 745 feet above sea level, Love Circle happens to be the highest vantage zone in the whole of Nashville. Enjoy a romantic evening with your partner – have a picnic while experiencing a magical view of Music City. 

4. Turn The Pages Of History At The Belle Meade Plantation:


Location: 5025 Harding Pike, Nashville, TN 37205, USA

There are so many fun things to do in Nashville TN for couples, including visiting the historic Belle Meade Plantation. The plantation is literally Nashville’s history personified. Often referred to as ‘the Queen of the Tennessee Plantations,’ the Belle Meade has it all – from an onsite winery and beautiful grounds to the bullet holes of the Civil War era. 

In the year 1807, the plantation spread across 250 acres, but now it merely extends to 30 acres featuring stables, a mausoleum, a winery, a visitor’s center, and slave quarters that have been reconstructed now. Don’t forget to check out the Greek Revival style of architecture! 

5. Experience The Iconic Grand Ole Opry At Ryman Auditorium:


Location: 116 5th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219, USA

Have you ever heard about the iconic Grand Ole Opry? Grand Old Opry happens to be the longest-running weekly radio show in the history of the United States. The show was first broadcast in the year 1925 – the Grand Ole Opry featured country music in a bran dance form. 

Then in 1943, the show was moved to the Ryman Auditorium, and it has been there ever since, thus cementing Nashville’s country music reputation. Plan your date night Nashville style at Ryman Auditorium and watch popular country music artists perform live – tickets for the Grand Old Opry start at forty dollars, so don’t forget to book in advance! 

6. Enjoy A Beautiful Walk At The Shelby Bottoms Greenway:

Budget-friendly ✔️

Location: 1900 Davidson St, Nashville, TN 37206, USA

If you are more into exploring nature and less into finding fun places to eat in Nashville, then you must check out the Shelby Bottoms Greenway, a natural park spread over a solid 950 acres in Eastern Nashville. Known amongst visitors and locals as a popular location for cycling, skating, and running, the natural park has a pathway spread over four miles. 

Home to flying squirrels, raccoons, red foxes and different bird species such as eastern bluebirds, golden pheasants, eagles, and tree sparrows, Shelby Bottoms Greenway also offers breathtaking views of the surrounding woods and the Cumberland River. 

7. Fly Away On A Hot Air Balloon:


Location: The Green Light, Middle Tennessee Hot Air Adventures, and Ace High Ballooning

One of the most romantic things to do in Nashville is obviously taking a hot air balloon ride! Enjoy beautiful views of entire middle Tennessee with your partner but remember it might cost you a little more than you were ready to shell. 

The rides are priced somewhere around 7oo dollars for one couple and generally reach altitudes between 5oo to 3000 feet above sea level. So you get to enjoy the perfect bird’s eye view of the natural Tennessee landscape. These rides usually go on for an hour or so – celebrate with your partner and some champagne after you take your first hot air balloon ride!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Check out the most frequently asked questions about all the fun things to do in Nashville TN for couples mentioned below!

1. What Are The Most Popular Things To Do In Nashville With Kids?

The most popular things to do in Nashville are as follows,
⁍ Grand Ole Opry,
⁍ Joyride Nashville,
⁍ Free Guided Tours Nashville,
⁍ Cruzzin Nashville, and
⁍ High Tide Rides.

2. What Are The Top Attractions To Visit In Nashville?

The top attractions in Nashville are as follows,
⁍ Grand Ole Opry,
⁍ Ryman Auditorium,
⁍ Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum,
⁍ Belle Meade Historic Site & Winery, and
⁍ Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage.

3. What Are Some Things Not To Do In Nashville?

The things you should not do in Nashville are as follows,
⁍ Try not to plan your trip during the annual CMA Fest since the place gets overcrowded and everything becomes expensive. 
⁍ All the live music venues in the main city tend to get overcrowded from evening onwards. In that case, you must always visit Lower Broadway for more space and better tunes. 
⁍ Moreover, the venues for live music along the entire Lower Broadway do not even impose any sort of cover charge.

4. What Are The Things You Have To Do In Nashville?

The things that you can’t miss out on in Nashville are as follows,
⁍ Eating at The Bluebird Cafe,
⁍ Experiencing the Broadway,
⁍ Visiting the Parthenon at Centennial Park,
⁍ Checking out the Belle Meade Historic Site & Winery, and
⁍ Spending time at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Bidding Adieu To The Music City: An Unforgettable Journey!

Yes, planning a couples massage Nashville style can only prove to be romantic but then why something that you can do at any time of the year? When you are talking about all the fun things to do in Nashville TN for couples, you will find out that the Music City has so much more to offer – so much so that bidding Adieu can only prove to be a difficulty. 

So, in case you end up visiting Nashville with your partner or have already visited the place, don’t forget to tell us about your experiences in the comments below!

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